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Leica M7 0.72 Black Body:  We are pleased to offer a extremely clean Leica M7  0.72  black body for sale.  This camera is in superb condition.  We are rating it as mint-.  It has TTL exposure, aperture priority and manual exposure, electronic shutter and two mechanical speeds of 1/60 and 1/125. It comes with a body cap and instruction book. A great film workhorse.  Pictures are available.  $2,900.

Leitz Leica M4-P “Everest 82”: We have a rare Leitz LeicaM4-P black body available.  This camera was one of 200 “Everest 82” commemorative models made by Leitz Canada.  It is virtually unused in the original box with the original paperwork, decals and instruction booklet. We never list anything as mint unless we were the first to take it out of the box.  That said, aside from scuffs on the box this camera is flawless. It would be a great addition to a Leica collection. It is engraved on the top plate with the “Everest 82” insignia.  Other pictures are available.  On sale this month for $2,800.

Leitz Leica M4-P black body:  If you’re looking for more of a user Leitz Leica camera you might want to consider this LeicaM4-P body.  It is again in nearly mint condition and appears to be unused.  It comes in original box with and instruction book and body cap.  Other pictures are available. You won’t find a cleaner MP-4 to shoot.

Leica M4 Black body: Considered by many to be Leica’s finest film camera, the M4 has all the workmanship and quality of the famed M3 and it also has a rewind crank!  Many of us found that to be a useful improvement over the old knurled knob. This camera is the “ black chrome “ model.  It is again in near mint condition.  It would be a great addition to a collection or to use.  It comes in its original box with a body cap.  Other pictures are available.  This is an extremely hard camera to find especially in this condition..  $3,400

Leitz Elmarit 135mm f2.8 lens  with eyes:  This a pristine Emarit 135mm f2.8 designed for Leicas that did not have a 135mm finder mask such as the M2.  They can be used on many Leica M series bodies.   The “eyes” allow you to see accurately the 135mm angle of view on Leicas that didn’t have the 135 frame lines. The glass is clear and clean and comes with front and rear caps.  $285.00 Sold

Leica Minilux 40mm f2.5:  We have for sale a near mint Leica Minilux 40mm f2.4 camera.  This is a beautiful well designed fully automatic camera.  It has superior Leitz optics that will give you the quality photos you expect from a Leica camera.  This camera is in near mint condition and comes with its original case and instruction booklet. We’d be happy to send you other pictures of this super clean camera.  On sale this month. $650.00 Sold

Leica Minilux Zoom:  We are pleased to offer this super clean Leica Minilux Zoom.  We are rating this camera at excellent ++. It comes with the original Leica lens cap, hot shoe cover, case and strap.  The camera has been fully tested and functions perfectly. It features a Leica Vario-Elmar 35-70mm 1:3.5 – 6.5 lens. The lens is clean and scratch free. It is a quality 35mm zoom compact camera, fully automatic controls with additional manual settings.  On sale this month. $500 Sold

Contax T2:  This is the titan black version of the legendary Contax T2.  This camera is in excellent+  condition. It comes with a case (not original) strap and instruction book.  These cameras are known for their exceptional lenses and very sought after.  It has been tested and is working perfectly. Pictures are available. $800.00 Sold

Yashica T4 Zoom:  If looking for something with the same kind of lens quality as the Contax T2 but with a lower price tag, try the Yashica T4 Zoom.  The Yashica T4 Zoom comes with the Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar 28-70mm zoom lens.  It is a fully a automatic, auto focus camera with a built in flash and a tough aluminum body.  This one is in excellent ++  condition, clean clear glass and comes in its original box with a case and instruction booklet.  Can’t go wrong for $280.00.    Sold
Hasselblad Super Wide C:  This is just a gorgeous camera in excellent plus condition.  The ultimate in craftsmanship and function with the legendary Carl Zeiss Biogon 38mm f4.5 lens.  This lens renders flat images with no distortion.  If you like shooting wide, this is the camera you need to have in your bag.  It comes with a back, case caps and the matched wide angle finder.  It has recently been serviced and the a new seal installed on the back.  You would be hard put to find a nicer example.  VCW 3 month warranty. $1,300 Sold

Glass Slide Projector with 200 glass slides:  We have had this beautiful old girl on display for years and now it’s the time to find her another home.  This is a lantern type projector that has been electrified.  I would guess that it is circa 1915.  It still works and for its age I would rate it as in excellent + condition.  Up here in Vermont back in the early 20th century we didn’t have much in the way of organized entertainment.  I bought this from a man whose relative used to go to town halls and give a slide show of the wonders of the world!  It comes with 200 glass slides from around the world all in good condition and each with its own card explaining what you’re viewing.  We even have a couple of advertisement slides from the era.  We would love to see this go to a museum or someone who would really value it.  It has to be picked up locally as shipping would be dangerous and exorbitant.  $500.00

Paillard Bolex H16-SBM: The Paillard Bolex H-16 SBM is considered by many to be the best 16 mm camera ever made by the legendary Swiss maker of movie cameras and lenses. It is a great professional tool with excellent picture quality and versatility, and with the added benefit being light weight and compact, equally appropriate for handheld location filming and tripod use in the studio. This is true jewel, comparable to the best Swiss watches of Jura Valley. The purely mechanical Bolex SBM features a very sturdy bayonet mount and can be outfitted with a 400’ magazine.  This is a beautiful camera. It appears to be unused in mint condition. It comes with the original box (scuffed), rexofader, grip, filter holders and some Kodak gelatin filters.  You won’t find a cleaner camera.  $1,200.00  Sale through September $1,100.00 Sold

Alpa Reflex Presentation Box We have a mint Alpa Reflex presentation box that wants to be in your collection.  A beautifully made leather and wood box that sells elsewhere for hundreds!  You can get it here for $129.00.  On sale   $99.00


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