Vermont Camera Works’ Featured Equipment this Month….

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Glass Slide Projector with 200 glass slides:  We have had this beautiful old girl on display for years and now it’s the time to find her another home.  This is a lantern type projector that has been electrified.  I would guess that it is circa 1915.  It still works and for its age I would rate it as in excellent + condition.  Up here in Vermont back in the early 20th century we didn’t have much in the way of organized entertainment.  I bought this from a man whose relative used to go to town halls and give a slide show of the wonders of the world!  It comes with 200 glass slides from around the world all in good condition and each with its own card explaining what you’re viewing.  We even have a couple of advertisement slides from the era.  We would love to see this go to a museum or someone who would really value it.  It has to be picked up locally as shipping would be dangerous and exorbitant.  $500.00


Rodentock Heligon 35mm f2.8: This a rare screw mount lens for Leica cameras.   In all our years this is the first one we have had and its a beauty.  Excellent glass and cosmetics.  Great addition for the Leica collector or use it with an adapter on your digital camera! Comes with case and Leica cap. VCW 3 month warranty. $699.00 Reduced! Sorry Sold!


Cooke Ivotal Anastigmat 2 inch f1.4:  This is another rare classic.  Cooke lenses are legendary and you won’t be disappointed by this Ivotal anastigmat 2 inch F1.4 lens.  It is VCW certified “bokeh beautiful”.  It is in a “C” mount that can be adapted to your 4/3 digital camera. Or, for $4o.00 more we’ll include a working Bolex H16 and you can shoot 16mm! Comes with hood. Excellent condition in and out. $459.00  Reduced!  Sorry Sold


Nikonos V Outfit: We have a great deal for you divers, sailors or just people who want to be out in the elements… the Nikonos V camera from Nikon.  A truly waterproof  camera, rugged and quality built.  The outfit comes with the 35mm f2.5 lens, 80mm f4 lens, viewfinders, caps, cases, new o-rings and grease and other accessories. Everything is working properly and in excellent condition.  Comes with the VCW 3 month warranty. The whole outfit is 0n sale this month. $239.00


Nikonos II Outfit:  This is a great boat or canoe camera for you film users.  The industry standard for a rugged, waterproof camera; it is a well made, easy to use interchangeable lens camera that you can leave on the boat!  It comes with a 35mm f2.5 Nikkor lens, case, instruction book and an underwater Sekonic light meter! VCW 3 month warranty.  Sorry Sold!


Nikkor ED* 300mm  f4.5 AI-s:  Another pristine Nikkor lens.  This ED* 300mm is the perfect affordable lens for the woods.  Not too heavy and optically excellent.  This is the AI-s version which works great on my D600 and will work with an adapter on many other brands as well.  It is in excellent condition with a filter and factory caps.  It would be hard to find a cleaner version of this lens.  VCW 3 month warranty. $269.00


Nikon FM2n body:   Film isn’t dead! In fact there is more and more interest in shooting film these days. A different medium than digital and exceptionally good with black and white. The Nikon FM2n is just a great camera to use.  In my opinion one of the best Nikon ever made,  Reliable, rugged, accurate and a pleasure to use.  It was the culmination of the FM line and photographers love it.  This one (our #3190) is in excellent condition.  It has new seals and mirror foam damper. It comes with a body cap and a VCW 3 month warranty.  Sorry Sold!


Nikon MD-3 Motor with MB-3 battery pack for F2:  Tested, clean and ready to go.  A great way to  get the shot you want in a tough situation.  This is in excellent condition.  Just slap it on your F2 and have some fun. VCW 3 month warranty. $119.00



Nikon F36 motor drive:  We currently have a Nikon F36 motor drive for the Nikon F. This is not a common item any more and if your looking for it this may be the one you want.  Rated as a excellent -, it is very clean with a minimum of scratches and wear.  Most of the F36 drives we see are really beat, so this is an exception.  Because of the nature of these drives we would suggest sending us your camera to make sure it is adjusted correctly. Your F needs to have the MD bottom plate for these drives to work. VCW 3 month warranty.   Soory Sold!



Alpa Reflex Presentation Box We have a mint Alpa Reflex presentation box that wants to be in your collection.  A beautifully made leather and wood box that sells elsewhere for hundreds!  You can get it here for $129.00



Have some fun!  Try a classic! .


The Argus C3!  Affectionately known as the brick. A rangefinder camera, interchangeable lenses and they always work! $25.00 with VCW warranty!…..    One left!



They all work and use 35mm film, which is still available!






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