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Canonet ql1.7 GIIICanonet QL1.7 GIII: Commonly referred to as the poor man’s Leica, this Canonet has an exceptional lens.  It is in excellent + condition.  We have gone through it replacing all the door seals and adjusting it for the new 1.5 volt battery.  Rangefinder is spot on and all the glass is cleaned. This camera is ready to go.  Comes with the original Canon flash . VCW 3 month warranty. $128.00  Sorry sold


rolleiflex t #1 rsRolleiflex T (type 1):  What a beauty!  This camera is as close to mint as you can get.  This is the grey leather version.  It has the 75mm f3.5 Zeiss Tessar lens, original cap and case.  If you’re looking for a gorgeous Rollei this is the one to get.  These are legendary cameras and take exceptional images in a good photographer’s hands. Use a legend!  $599.00 Sorry Sold


Busch pressman 4x5Busch Pressman Model D 4×5 camera: This is by far the nicest Pressman we have ever had.  Super clean, everything works and comes with a host of accessories: 12 4×5 backs, Polaroid 545 back, lens hood, Graflex flash gun (make a light saber!), all in a Graflex handicase.  The camera has a Steinhall  Culminar 135mm f4.5 lens in a Syncro-Compur shutter.  All shutter speeds work. These Busch cameras have a very nice fit and finish and this one is exceptional.  Start shooting large format today.  Enjoy the discipline!!  $329.00  Sorry Sold


contax sonnar 180f2.8Contax Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 180mm f2.8:  We don’t see this focal length lens everyday especially the Carl Zeiss version!  This is gorgeous lens. The glass is imaculate.  You can adapt this lens to use on many modern digital cameras.  It comes with factory caps.  $325.00  Now for this month $245.00! Sorry Sold


contax dist 35 f2.8Contax Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 35mm f2.8:  Another pristine Carl Zeiss lens.  The distagon  35mm is a slightly wide lens with a full format sensor and closer to a 50mm on the smaller sensor cameras.  It can be adapted to a wide range of digital cameras.  It is in excellent + condition. Glass is spotless. It comes with factory caps and a box.  $275.00 Now for this month $206.00!!  Sorry Sold


alpa-takumar 35mm f2.8Alpa/Takumar 35mm f2.8 lens: Alpa cooperated with many companies to make lenses for their cameras.  They had very high standards and this lens will not disappoint despite its common lineage.  This is an Ashai – Takumar Super Multi Coated (SMC) 35mm f2.8 lens with an Alpa mount. It is in excellent + condition with its original box.  It comes with a lens cap (not original) and the VCW 3 month warranty. Sorry Sold


alpa-takumar 55mm f1.8 Alpa/Takumar 55mm fi.8 lens:  This is an Ashai – Alpa cooperative effort on a normal lens for the Alpa camera. We rate this lens as very good+.  The glass is great, super multi coated.  The body has some minor  signs of use.  Buy the Alpa below and we’ll make you a great deal!  It comes with the original box and a lens cap (not original).VCW 3 month warranty. Sorry Sold


alpa 9d

Alpa 9D  body:   Alpa  is described as cameras for the connoisseur.  They are certainly unique and precision made as you’d expect a camera from Switzerland to be.  This body is in excellent condition. Shutter and meter are in working condition.  It will require a CLA to get it to top condition.  This is a consignment piece and so we are selling it with our 15 day return privilege. Was $450.   now Sorry Sold


leicascopDrem Leicascope: You won’t see one of these every day!  This is an rare extinction light meter. It always works because it really can’t break!  These are pretty hard to find and bring obscene prices around the internet ($650.00 on one site).  This one is in excellent condition and comes with its original case. The perfect item for a Leica collector.  Our price is $125.00  Sorry Sold


topcon super d 55mm f1.4Topcon SuperD with 58mm f1.4 Topcor lens:  This was Topcon ‘s answer to the Nikon F.  A superb professional grade SLR.  Unlike others in its class this camera has ball bearing film transport that after 50 years is still as smooth as silk.  The camera pioneered through the lens metering ( along with Alpa 9d above) and the meter still works and is accurate!  Ready to use if you choose, but the real item of interest here is the fabulous Topcor 58mm f1.4 lens.  This a gem in super condition and can be adapted to other cameras. On sale this month $199.00Sorry sold


classic users

Have some fun!  Try a classic!

They all work and use 35mm film, which is still available!



#3081 AKArette: very good $29.00




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